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A Ceremony to Connect to YourSelf & Honour Your Needs

18/09/2022 @ 10:15 - 13:50

A Ceremony to Connect to YourSelf & Honour Your Needs – Cacao, Yin & Mantra Meditation Journey

We’re gathering this summer again at the beautiful open-air yoga shala in the woods of Meilen. A serene environment to dive deep into around 4 hours of connecting to yourself with the sounds of birds, a summer breeze, and a gently flowing river. Summer Magic is a Ceremony Concept to invite in a retreat feeling in Zurich.


A Ceremony to nurture yourself and release heaviness from your heart. We’ll be working with the element of air and either. Inviting in a fresh new breeze that will sweep away the stagnat energy in our lives and allow ourselves to tune into a brighter, more nourishing and joyful day to day life.


Our nervous systems are (over) used to constant stimulation.


We keep acumulating experiences and forget how it feels to have mental, emotional and physical space to tune into what of that accumulation still feels beneficial and inspiring. We can’t take in without taking out. It’s amazing to take inspired action in life and feel excited to create. If life feels dull and when even small things induce anxiety and overwhelm us, then there is a need to create safe space for ourselves.


This journey is an invitation to gently purify our heart space. To digest life and the experiences. To slow down and tune in. To truly let ourselves go and float on a cloud of bliss. Purifying the heart space feels sometimes like stop holding back the cry you feel is coming and then the sweet relief after you’ve cried.


Bhuvaneshvari is the Goddess of the Cosmic Womb – a safe space to nurture, nourish, replenish, gently open our hearts, calm our nervous system and strenghten it by slowing down and noticing what is weaking our system and what not. Where are we causing stress that is not worth our energy and attention.


What habits and patterns create more misery in our life and what would we like to change? Where in life do we want to put our energy? What do we wish to prioritize from the heart? Where do we have to say no (more)? And what are we craving to say yes to?


The Mantra Meditation will help us to create that nourishment also on an energetic level and bring clarity to our system – it’s like an energetic dust cleaning. :))


What is included in this Ceremony:

  • Cacao Ceremony and 1-2 cups of Cacao to connect to your heart and body
  • Mantra Meditation for Deep Energetic Transformation
  • A  Yin Yoga Journey
  • A safe space to be yourself no matter what gender, age, background, profession, physics, race, religion
  • An amazing group of humans to connect with
  • An opportunity to reset, recharge, relax and set new intentions and gather inspiration on how to make every day beautiful
  • Tea & Journaling after the Ceremony to slowly come back (in total around 3,5 hours)
  • An invitation to start creating rituals out of automatic habits
  • Drinking water to refill your bottle
  • Everyone is welcome, no experience is needed, yoga props are available at the studio. Please bring a big towel or your own mat to cover the studio mat. Wear warm, layered, comfortable clothes that you feel good in.
  • If you want to take a Naked Chocolate Ceremonial Blend back home to make delicious hot chocolates, please order at least 72 hours in advance as the cacao blends are freshly prepared:
  • Please let me know before booking if you’re pregnant, take blood high pressure/heart medication, anti-depressants, have epilepsy, have physical/mental challenges/limitations, and/or are unsure if this is the right practice for you. From there I can tell you what dosage of cacao as well as if the yin sequence makes sense for your current state or if another one would fit you more.




Book your ticket directly below. As soon as you book you’ll receive a confirmation email and reminder 3 days pre-ceremony. The early bird prices are valid until August 20th.


-Early Bird & Regular Ticket Price: until August 29th: CHF 185.- and from August 30th: CHF 205.- for a 4 hours journey including a cacao ceremony, yin journey, unlimited tea & infused water, healthy snacks, yoga props, and a community of like-minded and big-hearted humans.


-Early Bird & Reduced Ticket Price: until August 29th: CHF 165.- and from August 21st: CHF 185.- for a 4 hours journey including a cacao ceremony, yin journey, unlimited tea & infused water, healthy snacks, yoga props, and a community of like-minded and big-hearted humans. For anyone that earns CHF 3400.- or less in a single household.


-Two-Ceremony-Pass: Book both September Ceremonies for yourself (September 3th and 18th)  for CHF 355.- (CHF 310.- reduced)


-Come with a Friend Ticket: CHF 355.- for 2 people -> it’s for the Ceremony you book and not transferable


Book your ticket:


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