The Soul Temple Ceremony

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The Soul Temple Ceremony

30/07/2023 @ 10:00 - 18:00


Temples of Wisdom now offers a transformative one-day retreat in Zurich, building upon their expertise in Healing Arts from Bali, Greece, and India.

Temples of Wisdom has created this unique one-day retreat based on the belief that deep transformation can be nurtured through communion with Nature and the power of rituals. Our goal is to support you in liberating your life force energy and aligning your soul’s purpose with your heart space.

The Soul Temple is a ritualistic ceremony designed to activate a profound soul embodiment using the elements and archetypes of the womb, the child, the warrior, and the sage. The passage through these archetypes represents the arrival of the soul into matter and its transcendence from matter to the cosmos.

At the Soul Temple, we will move our life force energy with the assistance of shamanic, mystic, and somatic tools and techniques. Through guided meditations, movement, sound, and breath, you will immerse yourself in the aesthetics of mystic devotion.

This ceremony will allow you to:

  • Explore your cosmic energetic connection
  • Clarify your soul blueprint
  • Attune your body, heart, and soul
  • Open your heart with cacao medicine
  • Liberate your life force
  • Regain power, love, and spiritual strength
  • Enhance intuition and develop inner sight
  • Release inner blockages (e.g.: limiting beliefs, patterns, fears)
  • Remove external energy interferences (e.g.: soul contracts, attached energies)
  • Heal ancestral lines and past life wounds

You will be part of a dynamic, daring, and enchanting community of like-minded individuals who are ready to delve deep and integrate both light and shadow in an alchemical space grounded in trust.

Welcome to Temples of Wisdom, a sacred realm for those who seek transformation within a ritualized community.

Early bird: 180CHF (until July 07) / Normal price: 200CHF

Link to registration:

Ceremony lead: Ines Costa (@inesofia.costa) / Ceremony co-lead: Miquel Sanagustin (@mikesana)

Instagram: @templesofwisdom


About Ines

Inês is a skilled practitioner specializing in Shamanic & Mystic Arts, employing powerful techniques like cord cutting and energy extraction to facilitate profound transformations and cleanse energetic interferences. With expertise in removing unwanted energetic contracts, detaching energies, and healing ancestral lines, Inês offers comprehensive healing experiences. Additionally, her remarkable channeling abilities allow her to support your healing journey and provide profound insights from other realms, including activating the language of the soul. Continuously dedicated to expanding her knowledge, Inês has traveled extensively across Europe and recently to Asia to further enhance her healing skills, which have been passed down through her family.

About Miquel

Miquel has been sharing the medicine of cacao for some years, in combination with his training in reiki and energy healing in Barcelona. He’s a yoga instructor of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, completing several yoga teacher trainings in Switzerland and India. In India he found solid roots for his asana, meditation, pranayama and teachings, being the culmination to focus his work in yoga and healing practices. His holistic vision of wellbeing is based in becoming conscious of your body-mind-breath connection and offering several tools acquired during the years in his classes and events.


10:00 - 18:00


Burgrain 37
Meilen, 8706 Switzerland
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